About Us

Proper Tooling has developed a reputation as a world class manufacture of production molds for the plastics industry. Today, Proper Tooling delivers a wide range of advanced tooling solutions including product development, prototype and production molds, as well as gages and secondary equipment.

Problem solving and innovation have been keys to Proper's success over the years. Proper's design lab along with continuous investment in research and development have enabled Proper to deliver cost saving solutions year after year. Our state of the art tryout facility and new Advanced Development Center are where these solutions are optimized and proven out for readiness.

Through partnerships and collaboration with industry leaders like Krauss Maffei, we are continually advancing new technologies and processes for the plastics industry.

Visit our website www.propergroupintl.com

Proper "U"

Proper “U” encompasses and signifies all of our internal training programs.

“U” symbolizes the Umbrella of Training Programs, University to educate and mentor, and YOU as the Associates.

Our mission of Proper “U” is to develop, enhance, and broaden our associates’ knowledge of their everyday tasks and to grow our own talent.

Proper “U” Goal and Objective: To hire, train, and educate the workforce on skilled positions starting from the basic knowledge of manufacturing or those whom have no experience in manufacturing. Coupled with the Apprenticeship Program, the Design Mentorship Program was developed to really hone in on the skill set that is difficult to find in today’s job market for our technical positions.